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The ARTS Factory Gallery:

The ARTS Factory Gallery, situated in the cloister space of ACU at the Signadou Campus, works in partnership with commercial and regional galleries, especially the Robb Street Gallery in Bairnsdale. Several exhibitions have travelled further to rural centres in Australia and to galleries overseas. Since the inception of the ARTS Factory, eleven major exhibitions have been mounted in the Gallery and exhibitions, such as ‘Heaven by a String’, which brought together 45 Australian artists from every state and territory in Australia, received considerable media coverage. This exhibition is still touring Australia.

Other Exhibitions:



CHARDONNAY 1999 Selected by Jim Murphy

Specially selected by Jim Murphy of Market Cellars, this wine displays delightful, lifted citrus with hints of fig and lemon on the nose. It also has a fresh and crisp palate, displaying citrus and peach fruit complemented by suble oak overtones. Semillon and Chardonnay are two classic grape varieties. Blended together they complement each other to give a full-bodied dry white wine that is perfect for drinking now.


Roslyn Kean – Printmaker Monoprint and Goldleaf

Like aged, golden stones shimmering on a dense blue monoprinted background and layered on exquisitely textured handmade paper, Roslyn Kean's print from the Journey and Ritual series, exemplifies the artist's reverence for traditional Japanese woodblock techniques and materials. The image of stones in this work and recurrent in many of her works, suggests a path or journey and has been used as a metaphor for the mountain. The mountain is a sacred place of communication with God in many religions. It is traditionally protective and on the other hand also associated with confinement, the cave, the tomb.

Roslyn Kean's printed works exemplify the reverence that many artists have for the origins of society and in this work she has used ancient techniques, materials and inages to directly link her personal traditions and journeys with a need to share age old female spirituality and wisdom with the viewer.

Peter Lehmann Wines Tanunda SA 5352 Preservative (220)added • Antioxidant (300) added 12.5% ALC/VOL • Approx 8.0 standard drinks Product of Australia 750ml



CABERNET SAVIGNON 1994 Selected by Jim Murphy

Specially selected by Jim Murphy of Market Cellars, this Cabernet Savignon by Bleasdale Wines at Langhorne Creek in South Australia, exhibits strong Langhorne Creek herbaceous, minty overtones. Medium to full-bodied with berry flavours and complexity derived from 12 months of American oak maturation, this wine will drink well young and has cellaring potential of 6-8 years.


Chris Denton - Printmaker Intaglio (Etching, Aquatint, Drypoint)

Driven by responses to ways in which thinking attempts to define our place in the universe, Chris Dentons intaglio print alludes to the connection and artificial barriers between art, science and spirituality in Western thought. The geometric arrangement of his images relates to the mystical associations attributed to patterns of numbers used by the early Greek Pythagorean philosophers. The Pythagoreans regarded number spatially and relised this in their construction of geometric representation of squares and oblong numbers using pebbles. The print “The Devine Tetraktys” depicts one of the Pythagorean's triangular numbers, the number 10 constructed from the first four integers 1,2,3 and 4. The Tetrakyts had particular significance for the Pythagoreans, indeed they regarded.

The precise images of Chris Denton's Tetraktys are influenced by the much debated concept that mathematics finds its origins in natural law rather than as a construct of the human mind.

Bleasdale Vineyards Pty Ltd Langhorne Creek SA 5255 Preservative (220)added • Antioxidant (300) added Product of Australia 750ml