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Country & Capital Connections.

Celebrating the Artworks of Nine Students from
Marian Catholic College Griffith NSW.

A joint initiative between Australian Catholic University,
Canberra Campus and Marian Catholic College Griffith NSW.


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Background to the Exhibition

Nine Year 12 students at Marian Catholic College Griffith, NSW, created the art works on display in this exhibition during the 7 months between February 1 s1 and September 6th, 2006. Given the usual interruptions of holiday breaks, excursions, school bonding camps, and all that is entailed in preparing for external examination of five other subjects, as well as the Visual Arts, this is a tremendous achievement. The production of a substantial Body of Work requires students to engage in a process of inquiry that includes careful planning, exploring, refining, selecting, organizing and experimenting. The process encourages the development of higher order thinking skills and assists in building a greater sense of connectedness to the world outside the school classroom. Creating such a Body of Work requires an enormous commitment of time and energy and the stamina and perseverance needed for the task might be likened to that of a long distant runner.

As a measure of the success of these students, a large proportion have been rewarded for their dedicated work through acceptance into universities and other tertiary institutions, where they will continue their studies in The Arts and other disciplines.

These artworks are characterized by their originality, colour and skill in the effective use of various media to create personal interpretations of experience that reflect the students' rich cultural origins and critical analysis of contemporary issues.

Through this process, they have extended their thinking and imagery in unique and personal ways.

Formal requirements for the compilation of a Visual Arts Body of Work and written examination for the Higher School Certificate 2004.

This examination consists of two parts:

  1. An art marking section called a Body of Work;
  2. A written HSC paper undertaken at the end of the year under the usual formal exam conditions.

The Body of Work comprises a number of works, usually 3-5, which demonstrate two key criteria: 'technical resolution' and 'conceptual strengths and meaning'. The NSW Board of Studies sets the written examination paper (90 minutes) which questions students understanding of art historical and critical studies. It includes the areas of:

Colleen Hinder
Visual and Performing Arts Faculty
Marian Catholic College