The ARTS Factory Consultants
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Dr Carolyn Broadbent
ARTS Factory Coordinator
Senior Lecturer, Australian Catholic University, Canberra Educational psychology and the arts, learning, motivation and creativity

Elve Olver
Gallery curator, Visual Arts consultant

Colleen Hinder
Visual Arts Education Consultant, Gallery curator

Dr Maureen Boyle
Lecturer, Australian Catholic University, Canberra. Education Consultant, Curriculum

Jill Burgess
Lecturer, Australian Catholic University, Canberra. Special needs education

Margaret Carmody
Student services, Australian Catholic University, Canberra Special needs education, Literacy

Esmee Smith
Artist, Community Projects, Children's Program

Dr Elisabeth Pillgrab
ARTS Consultant: Music Music Education, Music Therapy, Integrated Arts Programs

Philip Piggin
ARTS Consultant: Dance Dance Education, Integrated Arts Programs

Geoff Olver

Robin Thomas

ROBIN THOMAS   (30 July '38 to 2 June '08)

Sadly we all miss you but your presence will stay with us in your many wonderful creations.

The joy and wonder of life, magic mysteries and the familiar in your intricate stories and in the brief moments you expressed with such love, whimsy and understanding has, in opening new realities, revealed the treasures you so generously shared.

Your gentle being has created much pleasure for so many far into the future.

Robin your spirit is free now to create a new future.